Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 Edition

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) is here, a Galaxy S6 Mini?

In 2015, Samsung has simplified its range smartphone . At entry level, we have the Galaxy Core and Grand Prime. There is also the Galaxy Note series and to cover the premium. Then the Galaxy A series to cover the midrange. Launched last year, it was composed of three models: A3 / A5 / A7.Despite efforts to design level, we can not say that they were a great commercial success. Faced with competition, the Samsung bail did not weigh enough to offset a value far from the most competitive of the moment.

Despite these results in a half-hearted, the manufacturer has decided to renew the range. But unlike last year, there will be no Samsung Galaxy A7.  The Samsung Galaxy S6 has lost many values, the manufacturer did not want to release a model that will clearly compete with its former flagship.The average range of Samsung offer consists of the Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5.

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